Langen Group's stick packs in bag solutions

Date: 25/04/16
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Upgrade from manual to semi-automated to fully automated packaging of stick packs in bags

As flexible packaging is a growing trend, many brands also consider flexibles for their secondary packaging style as it provides unique printing capabilities and cost savings. Langen Group developed new equipment standards to help its customers automate the process for this upcoming packaging style. We offer semi-automated as well as completely automated lines for packing sticks into bags to meet your requirements.

Sticks in bags semi-automated

Langen Group’s solution to make your first steps in automating the process of packaging sticks into pre-made bags. The solution combines its high counting accuracy with its flexibility to make any count up to 100 sticks per bag.

Stick In Bag Semi -automated

Sticks in bags fully automated

Langen Group’s FLEXCOUNT™ system for sticks, integrated with UVA Packaging’s LIMA-320 VFFS machine. Proven technology providing great flexibility in speed, counts and bag styles.

 Stick In Bag Fully Automated