Carton testing

Cerulean, one of Langen Group's sister companies applied over 25 years' experience of Quality Test equipment to launch the LCT (Laboratory Carton Tester), which allows users to analyse their carton material in three ways.

1. Fold

Cerulean carton testers measure the torque required to bend a crease and spring back force for every degree of deflection.  This facilitates easy comparison between batch, location and carton type.


Box forming force and spring back forces are accurately measured. Uniquely a whole carton is tested to give true representative results and remove the process of sample preparation.

3. Friction

An optional friction tester measures the slip resistance properties of the carton to ensure optimum packing performance and to remove sticking and feeding problems.

Following the success of the LCT, Cerulean launched the PCT (Portable Carton Tester) which takes all of features from the LCT and applies it to a small, lightweight, portable device.


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