Molins has a long history of providing reliable and robust testing equipment for various applications from crease testing cartons to non-invasive temperature measurement of chilled and frozen food.



Celsius offers a non-invasive thermometry system to measure the average temperature of  items such as frozen and chilled food products.

Carton Testing

The range of carton testing instruments (LCT & OCT) is used to measure variations in carton packaging.  More specifically; crease quality and frictional forces between carton surfaces as these parameters can directly affect the consistent flow of cartons through form & fill machines.


Air Sampling

The Molins Langen Air Sampler has been designed to monitor the enzyme risk in accordance to the current legislation that requires manufactures to control the exposure to air-borne particles by a combination of training, engineering and process control measures which limit, monitor and record the exposure in given periods of time in defined work areas.