Our applications

Stick packs Sticks

Stick packs are elongated, tube shaped packets sealed lengthwise and at both ends, generally made of paper or foil depending on content.

Bag in box Baginbox

The bag in box application is one of the most common ways for packaging food.

Pouches Pouches

Pouches or sachets are generally 3 or 4 sided sealed packages. Pouches are packed in cartons. For chain packs Molins Langen's invention is setting new standards to improve productivity and shelf appearance.

Flow wrapped products Bars

Horizontal flow wrapped products like nutrical and confectionary bars are becoming more popular. The need for different count and pack sizes demands solutions with real flexibility.

Tissues Tissues

Tissues packaging is used for presentation in many cases. Handling clips at high speed while guaranteeing the quality of the cartons is one of Molins Langen's specialities.

Bottles Bottles

Luxury spirits in luxury cartons. No dents, no scratches to optimize shelf appearance. Another Molins Langen application with over 50 years of experience.

Others Other

Molins Langen has a long history and can be found in many daily lives. From batteries, to feminine hygiene and pencils to medicines. Please challenge us?